Stranded knitting in garter stitch?

I’m adding a word to a project that’s knitted entirely in garter stitch. I’ve tried to knit the words into the garter stitch using the stranded knitting, but it doesn’t look at all. I did a sample and it looks great in stockinette, but just horrible in garter.:shrug: Is it possible to do this in garter?


The problem is that you’re going to have two-color bumps when you change colors.

Maybe you can make a square of stockinette with a background color and the word in the middle.

Or make a square in stockinette in your color and the letters in the middle in garter.

I second all of Ingrid’s reply. I think the best bet would be to make a square of stockinette in the middle (you could even do a nice little frame around it to make it pop).

Whichever way you decide to handle the situtation, do a swatch on a smaller scale. Then you can get a better idea of what you’ll get at the end.

Good luck!

Thanks for the replies gals. That’s what I figured too. I already did a stockinette test and it looks fine and I’m sure it’ll look fine overall… it is just a doggie jacket. :slight_smile: