Stranded knitting - carrying yarn?

I’m working on Binary from Knitty right now. It’s a flatened tube scarf. I’m doing it on a circ though b/c I hate DPNs.

Anyways you knit the chart and then do 2 rows of Main Color. What do I do w/ the CC at that time?? It says to carry it, but I don’t get it?? :??


This is the way I learned to do fair isle. It takes a little practice, but once you learn it it’s awesome!

Two Handed Fair Isle Technique - You will need IE to view this.

Since it’s inside the tube, you can just let it hang and loosely bring it up when you need it again.

Thanks Jan - I am doing the 2 handed method right now. I actually picked up on it really quickly. I will watch the video when I get home to see if I’m missing anything.

I just wasn’t sure what to do when there’s a large portion of MC only.

That makes sense Ingrid - I’ll try that tonight.

Thanks again! I love it here. Everyone’s so helpful!