Stranded Colourwork on straight needles


I have decided to branch out from stripes and attempt some patterned colourwork. So, I thought to practise by knitting a small square with a skull pattern in the middle (I like skulls). I have watched videos on YouTube but they all seem to start after they have already begun the pattern or on DPNs.

I just can’t seem to get past the first row of the pattern. I add the second colour once I get to the start of the skull but when I get to the second row the yarn for the secondary colour is in the front of the needles and the dominant colour behind.

Any advice or tutorial links would be gratefully received.

Thanks :blush:

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Welcome to KH!
Are you following a pattern and can you tell us the name of it?
If the pattern is in stockinette, then both yarns should be hanging down facing you for the purl row.

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Here is one I found for how to purl stranded colorwork and catch the carried yarn on the back. Being late I have my volume off so I do not know if the voice instructions are clear, helpful, or if they are even in English. Lol

This question was the one issue that made my first try at stranded colorwork so challenging and unenjoyable. I did not think to ask this question here as you have.

But now that I have a possible answer I may revisit that early project and do it up better. Thank you.

And par for the course I forgot to include this link to the video.

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Thank you! I wasn’t following a pattern as such as I wanted to have a play around and just do some squares. However I did find a chart. As soon as I read your reply I thought of course! Because I was playing around I was just doing a knit stitch when I should have been doing stockinette. I will give it another go once I have finished my attempt at a cowl for my mother-in-law, who is a knitter herself. :scream:

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Thank you for the video. Colourwork seems a little daunting as a newbie so I am very glad that I asked! Good luck with your colourwork project!

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