"strand up the side of work"?

Hi there! Can anyone please help me with this? :??

I’m trying to knit a striped scarf with 3 different colors, and the pattern says:

Do not break yarn while working stripes, simply strand it up the side of your work.

Does this literally mean to leave the other 2 colors dangling while knitting with the third color, and when I change colors, to just pick up the next color strand and start knitting with it? I’ve tried doing it that way, and it looked a bit messy on the edge, so I thought maybe I wasn’t understanding the directions. :thinking:

Thanks for your help!

Yep, that’s what it means. It looks messy? :??

:thinking: Aside from tension, the only reason I can imagine it looking messy is if the yarn is carried more than 2 rows. If you’re knitting with three colors, you’re likely to need to carry more than two rows. If that’s the case, I’d alter the pattern and only cut the yarn if the carriage is more than 2 rows. Are the color changings always on the same side of the work?

What pattern are you working, btw??

This is the pattern I’m using:


You’re probably right about my tension being the problem…I’ve only been knitting for a few months, so I’m still in that practice, practice, practice phase! :XX:

I’ll keep working on it and see if I can make it look any better. Thanks for the tips! :smiley:

Yep, the pattern is only working w/ two colors over 2row repeats. I made a scarf with pink and mauve with 2row repeats. It works out perfectly. :wink:

You’ll get it LilT23! :thumbsup: Practice practice practice :smiley:

Thanks for the encouraging words! It’s so great to know that I can always come to this forum and get helpful feedback from people like you who obviously have way more knitting experience than I do! :smiley:

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