Straight vs. Circular

I’ve knit a few times with circulars now and I LOVE them :heart: :heart: I love the flexibility and it just feels like way less weight to hold. Is it possible to knit all straight needle projects just back and forth with circulars? I maybe a convert if it is.



As you get more comfortable with circulars, you can also convert a lot of patterns where you’re knitting a front, back etc. into patterns where you eliminate many seams by doing things as one piece on the circs.

Another advantage, if you’re using Denise needles, is that many airlines will allow you to take them onboard…more knitting time!

:lol: I was just telling DH last night that I need to get some Denises because I’m flying to Salt Lake City this summer and will need to knit on the plane. This is after he JUST surprised me with a set of Boyes not 2 weeks ago. :oops:

He said that I should manage to live without knitting for a little bit. :shock: Is the man INSANE!???!

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I’d just reply that he can do without sports for awhile. Might adjust his perspective!

Also with the circs, I don’t feel like I am going to take flight!!! Much more relaxed method for me.

Absolutely Yes. I do all the time. They take the weight off of wider, heavier projects. My needles will be circs all the time (unless of course there’s a GREAT deal on straights!!!)

I knit everything on circulars, except where I need to use DPNs. :thumbsup: