Straight Needles vs Circular

Im relatively new kind of to knitting, i taught myself off of YOUTUBE ( I dont know anyone that knits and could teach me).
Ive knit quite a bit last few years, then took a break to finish couple Needle Points.
My quuestion is my pattern calls for 6mm [US 10], 29"
[74 cm] long, I dont have that in circular but I do have that in long staraight needles.
Can I use them ?
Tomorrow Im going to grab the circular ones, can I start on them, at least cast on the stictches then switch over to circular tomorrow,

It will depend if the project you want to make is worked in the round (and requires the needle to be double pointed so that the stitches can slide off of the opposite end from where they were worked) or worked flat.
Some times long circular needles are listed for flat work just because they are longer and can hold more stitches but in fact the double pointed aspect isn’t needed. In that case you can use straight needles instead.
One other aspect is, with flat work, if you put a larger number of stitches onto a straight needle it ends up weighing a lot, the weight (force) is increased due to the distance they end up from the working tip. This can be hard work on your arms, wrists, hands, shoulders due to supporting all the heavy fabric on straight needles, and you might get sore, the other thing is the weight can make the tips a bit harder to control which could effect your tension.
The beginning of the project won’t be all that heavy though.

I often switch needles and although I can feel the difference in how the needles rub together or grip the stitches, to me the definition and look of the stitches has always looked fine.
A very experienced knitter or professional knitter might feel needles mustn’t be changed but I think for you and me, relatively new, it really doesn’t matter all that much. I have very cheap needles (in a wide range of sizes) and to me my knitting looks fine. I bought one pair of more expensive needles in the size I used most, they broke… so I have had to switch needles before.

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Thank You, no its not for in the round, I am attempting a large blanket.
I am actually onb my way to grab circular needles to it, I did my cast on with the straight ones but will be using circular because of so many stitches.
Like I said I havent been knitting for awhile so its a beginner afghan.
Thank you for your response,

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Omg I can spell lol I just saw this, I had treatment for a blood disease yesterday and was tired, ***straight needles, **** stitches


Don’t worry about spelling, my tablet changes every word I type in. The results range from confusing to unintelligible.
Hope your afghan goes well, lots of helpful people here to answer questions if you get stuck.
Maybe you can share a photo of it when you get going.


Thank you I will share once i work it up a bit

Hi there!!

What’s the name of the afghan you are making?? I make blankets for both adults and babies and like to try new designs!!


Its a really easy basic throw, I doubled the stitches to make it bigger