Straight needles for a lace scarf?

A friend asked if it’s better to use straight needles for a scarf. It’s made of laceweight yarn, and sixty stitches are cast on. I only use circs, so can’t help her much with this.

Anybody have an opinion? She’ll be over early, she’s REALLY anxious to get going.

I really think it is personal preference … I love the way my bamboo straights feel in my hands and use them whenever I can … I also love the slippery and pointy of my KP Options … and I have a couple of KP Harmony circs that really I like to use. I can’t wait to try Harmony straights … So … I pretty much use the right size needle that the stitches will fit on, that are not “busy” at the time. AND … that was no help at all… :slight_smile:
For lace weight, I would probably use my options for the pointy-ness…

I prefer to knit lace scarves on circulars, since most of the time, you don’t have that many stitches to work with, and circs are not as long as straights. And since you use bigger needles for lace (generally), that puts a lot of weight on the wrist.
Circulars are less cumbersome as well, and you can slide the work to the cable to put the lifeline, which I found was quite handy.

it’s purely personal preference. I knit everything on circs or DPN’s because they take up less room in my bag than straights do.