Straight needle hat pattern

I am extremely limited in my knitting abilities and i was wondering if anyone could give me a hand in finding a pattern for a hat on straight needles in garter stitch? if so please tell me!
thanks a bunch!!!:knitting:

Here you go, but are you sure you don’t want to give knitting in the round a try? So nice not to have to seam or have a seam in a hat!

There aren’t very many patterns for flat, but I did find a few. Ravelry and Lion Brand are free to join.


I just finished this lovely hat knitted in garter st on straight needles. I am far from experienced knitter but the cable is pretty straightforward. If you prefer the instructions spelled out row-by-row I cam send you the more detailed explanations. I have done that in a neat Excel file.

Good luck!:knitting:

Try Bev’s website. The Winter tab at the top probably has what you need. Once you get in the various categories, Bev has links to other sites. The patterns that will be the most useful for you will be before these site links: Bev’s personal patterns. She has many two needle patterns for hats, mittens, and socks.

Here are plenty of hats to search through: [=27"][35]=27]([35)