Straight knitting

does anyone know of any knitting patterns for summer tops all garter stitch thanks

I answered your other post about this, but hadn’t included any adult tops in garter stitch.
Garter stitch thread

Since you’ve asked a couple times now… are you having trouble purling? Here’s a few links that might help.
KH purling videos
Lion Brand - Learn to knit

Garter Stitch top

If you knit in the round most of the tops can be knit only and it would look like stockinette till you have to split for the armholes/neck area. You could then either do it in garter for a different stitch effect or use purling and knit for stockinette. Otherwise…I can’t really find much that is just garter stitch. In the other thread you asked about the same thing I gave a link to a book that is all knit stitch. That wouldl probably be very helpful.

thank you so much for your response maggie

If you get Sally Melville’s book The Knitting Experience: The Knit Stitch, all of the patterns in there are garter stitch, unless they’re worked in the round (she doesn’t use the purl stitch through the whole book). Lots of cute stuff, too, although I can’t remember if any of them were summery. It was the first knitting book I bought.