"Stormy" felted bag

I made this for a friend’s sister and thought it was the color of a thunderstorm so I named it such. I used Paton’s SWS in natural denim and bought the button from my favorite button store, the ButtonDrawer online. They have never failed me yet with great buttons.

Great bag, Nonny! :cheering: :cheering:

Beautiful!! Love the color since it pretty much will go with anything when wearing jeans!

Great job. Love the colors.

:blooby: Great job!! She will love it!!

Lovely bag :slight_smile:

Very nice bag!

I love the colors! Thanks for the heads up on the button store as well! That’s a lovely button…it really compliments the colors of the yarn.

That looks great…I haven’t worked with Patons SWS yet although I love Patons yarn in general.

Very nice work! :hug:

The only worry with SWS is it felts really fast so you have to check it about every 2 minutes when you felt in a washer.

ooooh, those colors are beautiful :heart: perfect name for it, too!

Ooh, I love the colors! Great looking bag.

Looks great!

oooh pretty colors for the bag. i am definelty have to try the SWS yarn. everyone work comes out so pretty

Nice looking bag!

I love this bag! Great colors, great embellishment! Way to go!:thumbsup:

[CENTER][B]That is so pretty! and it DOES remind me of a storm! and I LOVE storms! [/B]
:thumbsup: [/CENTER]
I’m going to have to try this ‘felting’ pretty soon.

Awesome bag. I’m getting very interested in the whole felting thing lately. Your bag encourages me!!!