Stormcloud/DROPS 145-23



I’m confused as to “work 3 stitches in garter (which I assume means knit) work in stockinette over the next 32 (does this mean purl), turn and work return row (do I knit the return?)


Stockinette is knit on the right side ,purl on the wrong side. You will have a garter st edge over 3 sts which is knit on both sides then the next 32 sts will be knit on the RS and purl on the WS.
Hope this helps, enjoy your knitting.


Thank you so much :slight_smile:


Progress being made. Between learning continental knitting and short rows this project will take me quite awhile BUT your assistance started me on the right path. Thank you again.



Looking GOOD :grinning: Lovely yarn, perfect match to project. This will be a fabulous Stormcloud when finished.