Storing Options Needles & Circulars

I bought the plastic sleeves for storing the Options needles. Using the triples for the needles themselves. Using the doubles to store my fixed circulars. I did not buy the binder, because I figured I could just use a “dayplanner” binder. I was wrong! The planners that are big enough to hold the sleeves have the holes in the wrong places.

Has anyone found a binder (other than the Options binder) to store these in? I did not get the options binder because I don’t like that it zips all the way around. I figured I could get more in a binder that just had a fold over tab.



I don’t know if this will work or not, but can you just punch new holes in the edge with a hole punch.

Have you tried the Namaste Needle Binder?

I just received my Options on Monday, I think I’m IN LOVE:heart: :heart: . I’ve been knitting NON-Stop with them since they arrived. I’m going to use them a bit long and if the love affair continues will sell my Denise.

They came in a zipper pouch with pockets on the side. So far I really like that storage method. I did not order the notebook because it just looked too cumbersome.

I agree GinnyG - I really like the pouch too (comes with the Harmoy set). Although, I use the sleeves from the Options set for the cables and store them in the center of the pouch (I had to cut off the strip with the punched holes for them to fit). I keep both the Options and Harmonies in the one pouch - works great and much less bulky :slight_smile:

I have the Knittin’ Kaboodle found here!There are 8 separate compartments and it’s a perfect size for my Options!

I do like my Options binder, I received the set as a christmas present from my husband and love them. I am looking at getting a larger 3 ring binder with pockets ( school type ) to keep my other needles, patterns and accessories in. I do like the idea of keeping it all contained, but until now never really found anything that worked for me, I am very visual and the clear pockets suit me perfectly. I do want to order some additional pockets for the options case but the are currently out of stock on the single pockets so I will wait until they are back in stock to get a better deal on shipping