Storing my yarn?

[FONT=“Comic Sans MS”][COLOR=“Magenta”]Ok…I need some ideas on how/where to store my yarn!! I have so much yarn I just can’t believe it! I didn’t realize how much until I started putting it all in one place. I can make stash projects for a year!

I was thinking of “cubes” and putting it in there…like at a yarn store. Any other ideas?

Thanks so much![/COLOR][/FONT]:woot:

I have very little space so mine is in plastic bins with lids. The lid won’t go on one of them because my blocking wires are sticking out.

I, unfortunatly, do not have enough yarn (yet=}) to worry about storage, but I have wondered if those space bags would work? You know the ones that you use a vaccum to suck out all the air. Someone on here was talking about carpet beetles in their yarn, I bet those air tight bags would fix that and the storage space problem. Just a thought. Can’t wait till I have a stash storage problem to fix to.

i love the cube idea, just think how nice it would look you can see the colours and the amount all at a glance love it do it

I use plastic stoage containers. i have 5 of them full of yarn.

I use baskets, then again I don’t have an animal to get into my yarn. The baskets I used are lined so the yarn doesn’t catch on the straw stuff

i use large plastic bins with lids, the plastic bags with zippers that once held bedding items(comforters,etc.), and gallon plastic jars (after the animal cookies are gone!)for yarn storage. the bins and large bags are in a closet in a spare bedroom-actually, they sort of spill out into the bedroom too! the jars are kept on top of a bureau so all the beautiful colors are on display. incidently, the small zip bags from curtains, sheets and pillowcases make great keepers for small wip–socks, bootees, or hats. good way to recycle,too. linknit41