Storing Circular needles

Just curious - I know some of you wrap your circulars up in CD cases - but I want to put mine in something that leaves them hanging so they dont get coiled up again. Has anyone bought something to put them in. I’m thinking I saw in a book one time about something to make to put them in - but I’m not all sewing-crafty at all - so I dont know if that’s something I could do.

Any ideas?

Ingrid has something … look here

Good Question~!! :muah:

My current system invloves leaving the circular needles in the packages they came in. I bought clear (or clearish) pencil pouches with zippers. With a marker I wrote on the outside of the pouches 12’’, 16’’ 24’’… then I sor the needles into those. I have them in a small rectangular basket.


I have the same thing Ingrid does there. The needles stay nice and straight out of that. I don’t use too many of the needles in there anymore because i have the interchangeables but when I need something out of there everything is soooo much easier to use than they were when i kept them coiled! :cheering:

What a great idea for storage. the other system I would have to watch my cats b/c they will drag anything down that is hanging~!