Storing all that yarn!

I have made a storage system that I think might be great to store yarn. My wife used to complain that it was always hard to find .Here’s my invention at I’ll post the url very soon.
It’s called a taboret ( fancy word for a storage unit!! )

Let me know what you think.

It’s shown at :

hope you like it.

Very cool idea! That would be really handy in a travel trailer, too (but maybe without the wheels attached so it doesn’t go zooming about in a [I]most[/I] unwanted fashion)! Along those lines, I’ve often thought that travel trailers could utilize more space by building devices off a central post as your idea is.

Thanks for sharing your invention. I hope you make lots of money from it. When should we look for it “in a store near us”?

I need more folks to support me or i wont be able to get them made.
Please help if you can.

That’s cool! Best of luck to you!