Store post-closing Sale - Sell Eveything!

Hi everyone!!

My beloved store closed at the end of July, and I still have a lot of fantastic stock for sale!!
I have great deals (must sell) on all yarns, books, needles, DMC floss, etc.

I will ship to almost ANYWHERE
Yarns: Diamond Luxurym, Noro, Sirdar, Online, Lana Grossa, Berocco, Cascade, Sandes, Naturally, Manos

I also have beads and books for sale too, curcular needles, baskets, crochet tablecloth and doilies books.

Please contact me at

Thank you!! :slight_smile:

What was the name of your shop? Where was it? Is there a web page with items for sale?

Since this is your first post and you give a direct email address vs. a website, it’s a leap of faith for many of us to send a message to what could be (I’m not saying it is, but it could be) an email trap.

Please give us the basics on the shop: what, where, website, close-out prices, etc. We understand that the quantities will change quickly!

Thank you.


I am interested too, but I would love some more specifics (just as DCM said). Please post more information. Thanks!

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