Store-bought Knitted Garments

I’m about as anti-shopping as a girl can get. However, last week while my husband was at a doctor’s appointment, I killed some time at the itsy-bitsy mall next door. I didn’t buy anything; instead, I amused myself by checking out all the knitted and crocheted garments–and there were LOTS of them (must be “in” again this year)!

One of the more interesting garments I saw was a sweater at JC Penney that had cable strips running up the front and sleeves with lattice crocheted chains forming the rest of the sweater. I found some that had been made in white yarn, but then the outsides of the garments had been “stamped” with bright colors of paint (so the white showed around the edges). Here are pictures of these sweaters:

I assume many of the knits were done via knitting machines, but I’ve read that crochet can only be recreated by hand. I saw lots and lots of other knitted items, too, in particular large bulky sweaters with well-defined knit stitches. It was fun looking at the different yarns used in one garment and seeing how these were knitted (sleeve to sleeve in some cases) and sown together. All in all, it was a great way to get some creative juices flowing.

If you’re out and about this holiday season, you might do your own search and see what you find.

I often ‘shop’ through the sweaters to get ideas for different construction or patterns. Though I often forget them by the time I get home…

Every time I see the shoddy construction and how thin these machine made things are, it strengthens my resolve to do it myself. I can do it much better. Another thing that motivates me is the seasonal thing with the stores. Here in the Frozen Tundra, we need warm winter gear until about April. But the stores start selling swim suits in January and you can’t find what you really need. I can have it anytime I want if I make it myself.

What you may want to do is take a picture of them on your phone. If I see something in a store I like, I take my phone out and snap a picture. That way, when I do remember it, I have something to look at as a reminder.