We went to get our tree today, and they had the cutest little craft store, where you paid for your tree. They had these stacking boxes…but the BEST thing about them is they were like 4 feet high when fully stacked. :slight_smile: …well…ok, maybe 3 feet…but it was a GREAT concept to store my yarn concisely!!! And the more yarn I get, the more sets I can get. They were a tiny tiny smidge out of my budget…but me thinks I’ll go back and get them…I was going to get some plain ones and paint my own…but that’s a bit perfectionist here…just get it and be DONE with it!!! lol…The boxes were square, and covered with different styles, some Christmas, some not, some spring time. Plus if I go, I’ll get to see my GF whom I don’t get to see very often as she left me…umm moved away I mean!!! lol…

I am SOOOO excited!!!

Heather, do you have a brand name or anything? I’m ALL about storage containers!

no brand names…it was boxes about 6-8 of them that nested. They were square, and naturally cardboard color. They are a cardboard type box as well…but what made them decoration was that they were covered pretty!!!

The bottom was about the length of a shoe box, but maybe a bit longer, but totally square so WAY bigger than a shoebox…and then they got smaller as they went “up”…:slight_smile:

I’ll see if I can find any kinds of pictures…but I bet if you look for nested boxes (that’s what I am going to do), you’ll come up with something.

clear nested boxes

this is the concept…off to decorate the tree now…
hth’s :slight_smile:

I’m liking those :thumbsup:

AH!! I dont’ know WHAT I was thinking! Those are cool!

ya, they really ARE cool!!!
now it is KILLING me to NOT go back…the catch is that they are 3 feet from the PA line…lol…
but…when I get an orgaznizing bug…I GO with it!!! (I’m a SHE)…

in the last 2 weeks I have
Cleaned OUT the kids room (took 2 solid weeks to do their laundry, sort, and put back), also gave away 2 car loads FULL of clothes we no longer need
Emptied and organized, and put back every thing in the attic. Walmart is LOVING me with all the boxes I have bought.
Decorated for Christmas.

I’m getting TIRED…but that seems sooo FUN to decorate and then tuck my yarn in a corner to be retreived!!!..

Oh, would you suggest putting the little balls of “dregs” so to speak in plastic bags so they don’t get all tangly? That’s part of my problem right now.

Oh no we have one of those stores downtown. O my! must…resist…put…down…keys…put…down…wallet…

the saving grace for that style is that it was clear…didn’t want clear. :slight_smile:

I won 2 sets off ebay!!!
use “nesting boxes” as your search, and you’ll see what they have :slight_smile:

I got a flag one, and one a bit more “country”…but cool still…
the boxes are smaller than the ones I originally saw…but that just means I’ll get MORE!!! :slight_smile: