We went to get our tree today, and they had the cutest little craft store, where you paid for your tree. They had these stacking boxes…but the BEST thing about them is they were like 4 feet high when fully stacked. :slight_smile: …well…ok, maybe 3 feet…but it was a GREAT concept to store my yarn concisely!!! And the more yarn I get, the more sets I can get. They were a tiny tiny smidge out of my budget…but me thinks I’ll go back and get them…I was going to get some plain ones and paint my own…but that’s a bit perfectionist here…just get it and be DONE with it!!! lol…The boxes were square, and covered with different styles, some Christmas, some not, some spring time. Plus if I go, I’ll get to see my GF whom I don’t get to see very often as she left me…umm moved away I mean!!! lol…

I am SOOOO excited!!!