Storage/organization ideas?


I’m new to knitting and slowly building up my supply collection. I only have 4-1/2 skeins of yarn right now, but see that changing in the very near future because of all of the ideas that are in my had. I also have one set of size 8 single point needles, and then two sets of bamboo needles on the way from (a set of 18 single point and a set of 18 circular) and also plan on ordering some longer circular in the near future. The needles that I ordered were very inexpensive, but I just didn’t have the money to spend a lot right now and figure from here on out I can just slowly replace what I need to or add to my Xmas list for Santa to get me a better set.

(Straight Needles

Circular needles)

I am having surgery in two weeks which is why I am stocking up now— I plan on biding my time with knitting and have a few projects in mind.

Now, to my real question: How would you recommend I store all of this? I don’t believe the needles come with any sort of case and I don’t know where to begin to find something to keep all of them in. I’d also like something portable to put the yarn in, at least a few skeins, for traveling, going to the hospital, etc.

What would you, oh wise ones, suggest? :knitting:


I like to let circular needles hang in an organizer like this one. If you can sew, it should be very easy to make a prettier one than this one.
This way the cables hang and it minimizes the tendency to coil in a tight circle. It would also work for straight needles and double points.
There are also needle cases like this that are more portable and neat for single points and dpns.


There’s lots of ideas on how to store yarn stashes and needles. I agree with salmonmac’s suggestion on the hanging needle case. For your yarn stash, I would say it depends on how big you think it’ll get and how much spare room you have. If you want a fairly compact method for a fair sized stash, I would suggest the [I][B]CottageCutz 6-Shelf Yarn and Craft Organizer[/B][/I] and you could also hang your needle organizer on the side of it. If you’re expecting a really big stash to build up and you have some room, then I would suggest getting some nice shelving. There’s lots of ideas out there you could try.


I have those circulars in 16" length and really like them. I’ve worn a few out and have a project on about all of the remaining medium-gauge ones! (Baby stuff for donation and a hat to be put in the Christmas pile.)

I used to have three giant boxes of yarn on the enclosed upstairs back porch, but a lot of charity knitting has boiled it down to one big wheeled garbage can. (Yes, I bought it new just for that–I use those for out of season clothes and extra blankets, too!) I don’t know what yarn does in there, but it seems to multiply :wink:

For the yarn you’re going to use right away, there are all kinds of shelves and bins. If you have a nearby liquor store, ask for boxes and cover them with wallpaper to match your decor. You can cram a big pull skein of acrylic into a compartment, pull-out end up, and knit right out of the box. There are also seven-skein yarn holders to keep beside your chair, but the one I had kept coming apart after a lot of use.


Hi ReannaLynne,
You’ll get knitting needle case in shops. You can purchase one. Else you can store them in storage spaces in your home if you have one. You can refer this to get more ideas on storage ( . If you purchase a needle case and store them in a storage space, everything will be safe.


I’m also looking at ideas for storage - but for a small craft room. I use a beach bag for things that need to be portable, current WIPs, needles, notions etc.