Stopping Curling

I am starting a mostly stockinette rectangle shawl. So I want to add a border to aid in stopping the curling.

What I’m wondering is…which border stops the curling better – garter stitch or seed stitch?? I’m planning on 6 sts on each side and 6 rows on each end.

I know nothing really stops curling entirely, but I want to reduce it as much as I can. Any ideas on which border does that???


I think I’d go with more than six stitches and rows whichever you choose. If I use garter stitch I add a short row of garter border about every 5th row. Seed stitch doesn’t seem to need short row additions so I guess the row count more closely matches stockinette. Are you concerned about the border flipping which is not the same as stockinette curling? Personally I find an applied border works best. I recently ripped out the rows of stockinette on the bottom of a vest and redid it with rows of garter stitch perpendicular to the rest of the vest then continued around for the front bands and neck. It worked much better.