Stocknette scarf

i am doing a stocknette scarf and because it rolls can i do seed stitch and how many

Yes you can do 4 or 5 rows in seed stitch to start, then about 4 or 5 sts at the beg and end of each row.

And you could do the beginning and end as well or that part will curl a bit in center.

BTW…I deleted your other post. One is enough. :wink:

Is stockinette the same as garter stitch?

No, when you work flat, stockinette is knit a row, purl a row. For garter stitch you knit all rows, or you can purl all rows. The back of a knit st is a purl and vice versa. So if you want the smooth Vs all on one size and purl bumps all on another you do stockinette. For a garter st edging, you knit the RS row, then on the WS, knit the first few sts, purl across till you have the same number of sts you knit at the beg of the row, and knit those too.

Thanks for clearing that up. I knit (for now) all garter stitch, so my scarves etc lay flat.

thank you every one i want to make a scarf and i have to cast on 12 stitches but i want to do the stocknette stitch because my cousin whats a extra long scarf so if any one has a suggusetion please message me

A scarf in stockinette is going to curl into a tube. You need 2-3 rows in garter stitch to start, then put 3 sts in garter at both edges. Then just knit *** long as you want it, ending with the 2-3 rows for garter stitch.

I’m confused as to why a long scarf requires stockinette? I’ve knitted two 60+" scarves entirely in garter stitch…confused

A long scarf does not [I]require[/I] stockinette (or any other particular stitch) … I believe the topic creator was just saying that she [I]wanted[/I] to do the scarf in stockinette. You can make a scarf (or anything else) using pretty much whatever stitch pattern you like … that’s why knitting is so fun, you can make dozens of scarves and have them all be different! :knitting:

From the way he/she said it, she had to use stockinette because her cousin wants an uber long scarf. Made my brain hurt. :lol:

I think some punctuation and proper sentence structure would’ve helped your head…

Oh…refuses to behave like a punctuation/spelling/grammar Nazi


One doesn’t have to be a grammar nazi to observe that when something is written correctly, it’s a whole lot easier to understand. Otherwise, we’re just guessing…