Stockingette stitch on circular needles

I am trying to do stockingette stitch on circular needles, and I don’t know that it is looking right. What I am doing is I just keep going around and around the circle, but I switch when I hit the “first” stitch. So basically I knit a round, then when I hit the “first stitch” I start to purl, then after that round, knit, etc. Am I doing it right? I don’t change the orientation of the needles at all, just keep going around and around. What I am noticing is that there are the “bumpy” (purl?) parts ending up on both the wrong side and the right side, so the right side does not look as it should. It should look like a bunch of "V"s right?

You’re knitting like you would on the flat - like you’re turning your work around and purling the wrong side. All you need to do to get stockinette in the round is knit stitch, and keep going!

When you are knitting in the round, you knit every round to get stockinette. Knitting one round and then purling one round will result in garter stitch. The reason why is that when you knit in the round, you keep going in the same direction on your needles instead of turning back and forth at the end of a row as with straight knitting.


Yeah I figured I was doing something wrong when it started to look like some odd garter stitch mess!

My pattern says to purl one round, but then it says to do stockinette. Would that mean I would switch to doing the knit stitch after that one round? I have the right side of the band facing the inside of the tube, and at the end of doing the hat, the band will be flipped up. So, I want the right side of the hat body to be facing me, and the wrong side of the hat body to be facing inside the tube then, correct?
Would knitting every row make it that way?

Exactly, purl a round, then knit all the rounds after that. Sounds like it could be where you turn the hem up. Knitting every round puts all the knits on one side, how you hold the work while knitting determines whether it’s inside out or not.

Whew thank you! I think I am on the right track now. I unraveled and started just after I did the purl round with the knit stitch. I think I may have it this time! :knitting: