Stocking stitch

I’m working in the round with dp needles making gloves and directions say: working in stocking stitch on a ground of reverse stocking stitch. Can anyone explain what that means. Thanks in advance.:muah:

In the round, stocking stitch (or stockinette stitch) means you knit every row. Reverse stockinette means you purl every row.

Stocking stitch or stockinette worked flat, is made by knitting one row and purling one row. If the pattern calls for stockinette on the public side, that means the Vs are on the outside or public side. If the pattern calls for reverse stockinette, the loops are the public side.
In the round, stockinette is all knits and reverse stockinette is all purls on the rounds. Your pattern is calling for stockinette or knit sts for the pattern with flanking sts in reverse stockinette or purl sts. Often, cables are worked as knits with flanking purls.

What is flanking?

By flanking, I mean the stitches on either side of the area of stockinette. Often cables are worked in stockinette with the sts before and after in reverse stockinette in order to make the cables stand out.
What pattern are you using for the gloves?

I bought the pattern online, it’s by Mew Lab and its fingerless gloves. There are cables worked. Here’s the whole explanation. I already k4, p2 for 4 rows. Now it says turning round: a) make left twist . Working in stocking stitch on a ground of reverse stocking stitch, place the first 2 stitches on a cable needle and leave them in front of knitting.

OK, now you want to work the gloves in reverse stockinette stitch and the cables in stockinette. If you’re knitting in the round, knit the cable sts and purl the sts on either side of the cable. If you’re working flat, knit the cables, purl the background on the RS or public side of the gloves. Purl the cables and knit the background on the WS or private side.

I couldn’t find a picture of the gloves so I’m not sure how many sts are background or how often there are cable turns but the above is the general idea.