Stocking stitch square

Hello everyone. I’m a total knitting newby. Please can someone tell me how many stitches to cast on for a 8x8 (20x20cm) stocking stitch square in 10ply wool (Vannas choice) using 5.5mm needles. With much gratitude for any help.

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According to the specifications on the Vanna’s Choice ball band you would cast on 32sts/8" on 5.5mm needles. But… it depends on your tension with the given needles. You may knit more tightly or more loosely than the average. This is the reason that people make a tension square and adjust the number of sts needed by changing the needle size.
One other note, a square in stockinette is going to curl. It’s the nature of stockinette. If the square is going to be joined to other squares in different stitch patterns that would mitigate the curl.

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Dear Salmonmac. Thank you v much for your welcome to the Forum and for your reply. Do you think Vannas Choice would be considered Double Knit (8ply) or is it thicker ie 10 ply? Thank you again.

Vanna’s Choice lists at 16sts/4inches so it’s more in the aran/heavy worsted category. Not a DK although ply is a notoriously unreliable measure. Really, the swatch is the best measure is a tension square.,strands%20that%20are%20spun%20together.

Really helpful information. Thank you so much for taking the time and trouble to reply so fully. Most grateful.