Stocking stitch cardigan, garter stitch edging on fronts: problem

Although it’s too late for me to actually do anything about it, I’d still like to know if anyone has a method for preventing the garter stitch edging from being… erhmm… shorter than the stocking stitch body of each side, which makes the front edges curve towards each other.
When I’ve finished and assembled it, I’m going to have to brutally pull each edge to stretch it: but I feel sure someone can advise me what to do on any similar future occasion…

You can knit the garter a bit looser, or you can do short rows. Every 8 or 10 rows, put in an extra row just on the garter edging. You do that as - knit the edge sts, turn and knit back to the edge, then turn and work the full row to the end. Then do the same on the next row.

I use short rows every so often…maybe about every 10 rows or so I do one short row. As long as it’s straight I keep going. I think I threw in 3 short rows on the baby sweater I just made. That’s all it needed.

That would simply never have occurred to me, what you call “short rows” - but it makes perfect sense.
This Aussie is [I]really[/I] grateful to you both.

BTW…I only do the short row on the garter edge…not the entire sweater. :thumbsup: