Stocking Help! - First heel ever

I am knitting the Christmas stocking from Canadian Living and I’m stuck! I have just finished the Left Heel, have stitches waiting for me on the st holders, but I’m not sure how to start the Right heel.

Instructions are to: With white yarn, k13, turn.

So the Left Heel was done with white…

Do I continue with the same strand that finished the Left heel, therefore joining the two sides? Do I start with a new strand of yarn?

Thank you!

I can’t find your pattern, maybe you can link to it now.

Hope this link works!

Start with a new strand of yarn for this side of the heel. You have the 8sts from the left side on a holder and the center 26sts on a holder and now you’re going to work on the 13sts of the right heel with a new strand of yarn.

You’ll need a new strand of yarn. Patterns aren’t always as clear as I’d like but joining two heels is unusual so I’d expect it to be clearly stated if that was the intention.