Stocking Hats

I can’t stop making these hats! Just love :heart: the pattern.

How cute are they! I especially love the blue/green one! Great job!:inlove:

Those are adorable! Kids would love them !

Adolrable! No wonder you like making them. I love the blue-green color, too. What yarn did you use for each one?

Those are wonderful! I gotta try 'em! I’ve got a red and white version that would look like it came out of a Dr. Seuss book stuck in my head. I might have to do red and white just to clear my mind. Thanks for sharing!

Oh, those are fabulous! At first, I got caught up in admiring the gorgeous colors you used and didn’t realize that the skinny part beside the hat was actually the hat’s top!

What fun these would be to give as presents, or wear, or just make!

Thanks for sharing the pattern.

I am sorry that I did not add the yarn info… I am at work now but will try to add it tonight when I get home. :slight_smile:

I think I will try a striped one soon… would love to see your red and white version when you do it! :slight_smile:

Here is the yarn I used.
The green is called Tidal and the Purple is Plummy. (Both purchased at AC Moore I believe)

Red Heart Soft is so nice and soft, but hadn’t seen the other one! Such pretty colors!

Lovely, for some reason the colors of the hats didn’t show up well for me. I think I saw the RH Soft at WalMart, they’ve expanded their yarn selection. Yea! I really like the Plummy. Both are yummy.

Great hats. I think I’ll knit one myself. Thanks for sharing.

Nice colors and pretty pattern…I would have a bell at the end.

Love them! I need one! Great way to jazz up grey winter days :slight_smile: Thanks for posting the pattern.

Fun hats! Nice work on them and the yarn looks nice and soft for non-itch on heads.

Love it!!!

What a cute pattern!

So Cute!!!

I started making one of these hats yesterday and was frustrated that the cast on number is not divisible by 4, which screws up the ribbing pattern.

So note to others who may have this in their to-do basket: If you want the 2x2 ribbing to work out nicely, cast on either 80 or 76 ([U][B]not[/B][/U] 78 per instructions). Then adjust accordingly when (or before) you get to the decrease section.

My hat is looking good so far. I hope to post a picture soon.

Wow, I only glanced at the pattern and didn’t see that. Maybe the designer should be notified.