I am making some beautiful dish towels, but I don’t quite understand the next step. It says to stockinette on the next 3 rows (K one row, purl the next right?) So I end on the wrong side with a knit. Then if I stockinette, my next row would be purl, but I am not sure about the next few steps because after that I need to knit on the wrong side about that- can someone explain the part about knit 3 rows stockinette to me?

I’m pretty sure that when it says work 3 rows in stockinette, that means you knit, purl, then knit a row. After this, you turn your work so that you’re on the wrong side, and then it tells you to knit that wrong row, so that’s what you do. After knitting that one wrong side row, you should be on the right side again. After the next 7 rows as the pattern calls for, you should be on the wrong side again. And it tells you to knit that wrong row so that’s what you do.

I hoped that helped. If it didn’t then feel free to ask again!!

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Thanks so much for clarifying, I was confused because I didn’t understand that I would end up having 2 knit rows together :slight_smile: