Stockinette using circular needles

I am doing a hat; using circular needles for the first time. I just did ribbing (k2, p2) and now need to start stockinette again. Do I need to start the stockinette row after an even or odd number of ribbing rows?

One round more or less won’t make a differenence. Stockinette knit in the round is knit every round. If you’re knitting flat, it still doesn’t matter.

That is the issue. I am knitting in the round, but when I start to knit, the purl is on the outside of the hat…does this mean my work is inside out? I don’t understand where I went wrong.
This is my pattern.

If the stockinette is on the inside then yes, you’re knitting it inside out. You can just flip it right side out when you’re done if you don’t want to frog it and start over.

Here’s the “correct” way to hold the needles when knitting in the round. Knitting it inside out is not really incorrect though…it’s just different. :wink:

You can see in the first group of pictures that the points of the needles are closest to you…the loop is away from you.

The answer to your very first question is ‘it doesn’t matter’ with ribbing. Start when your ready.

I did the exact same thing as you, irishgirl. It looks really odd while you’re working on it, but as you get farther along you can see the hat take shape. For me, it feels more comfortable to have the needles pointed away from me with the work underneath, which results in an inside-out hat. Like they said, you can just flip it inside out once your done.

Thanks for the link to the video.
It seems that I am holding the fabric correctly, not inside out. The first several rows I knit and the stockinette is on the outside.

Is there anyway for you to look at the instructions and tell me if there is a mistake in them? I asked a friend that has been knitting a few years–and she thinks that is where the mistake lies.

Thank you so much.

Cute hat!

Let me make sure I understand. You’ve knitted the stockinette part that curls up to form the rim of the hat, then you’ve knitted the 2x2 rib, and now you’re ready to knit the next stockinette bit, right?

When you say that the purl is on the outside, is that because the beginning stockinette part is curled? It should curl so that the purl side is showing out, but if you flatten it, you will see that the purl side really is on the inside.


Thank you all for your time and help…I figured out what the issue was…actually, I met a woman on the train yesterday that was knitting, and she helped me…I dropped two stitches and when I picked the project back up, the working yarn was on the left side–so I turned my work to make the working yarn on the right…and therefore I was mixed up…LOL

Anyway, she fixed my project and I am back on track.