Stockinette stitching

Hello all! I am a beginner at knitting and I’m learning pretty well but I’m stuck now… I’ve learned a knit stitch and a purl stitch and I’m trying to get the stockinette down, but I can’t figure out where to put my needle.
After I’ve knitted a row, purled a row, how do I start knitting a new row? I can’t figure out where to put my needle…! Please help if you can!!! Thank you soo much!

I’m also pretty new to knitting. My first attempt at answering this is to ask whether you’re switching the right needle (now full with the newly purled stitches) into your left hand once you’re ready to start knitting the third row? And then, after you switch hands, simply begin knitting as usual.

Maybe one or more of the videos for new knitters on this page will help:


You turn your work and put your needle in the same way you did on the first knit row… left to right. Go to the video tab and look at the knit stitch videos.

You might also look at the Demo of a small project on the Tips page. That shows how to put the cast on and sts together.