Stockinette stitch

Is 1 row of stockinette stitch = 1 row of knit followed by one row of purl?

yep. Watch amy’s videos under basic techniques-more to see if you’re doing the right thing. :muah:

yep. I’ts also called the stockline stich, that confused me in my youth :slight_smile:

Actually, 1 row of stockinette is knit 1 row only. 2 rows of stockinette is knit one row, purl one row.

Thanks, semanticqueen. :roll: :teehee:

And of course, if you’re knitting in the round, stockinette stitch is just knitting every row!

Hi Everyone, just joining! :waving: I’m a self-confessed knit-geek, so forgive me for jumping right in with a semantic discussion. I can’t resist!

It was a semantic question, you’re asking, right aineepooh1?

Knitqueen already answered it, but I’ll just further jump in by re-stating that the row is defined as working all the stitches on the needle, just one time. So if directions call for one row, you wouldn’t pair it with a second row (like the purl row), to consider it complete. One row is only once across the needle. If you are working stockinette, and have just completed a purl row, and the directions say to work one more row, in that case it would be defined as knitting a row of stitches, and then doing the next thing called for in the directions.

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just so everyone knows, I wasn’t trying to be mean, just silly. :oops:

thank you all so very much! :happydance:

:hug: to you Ayla. No harm done.

Glad you figured it out, aineepooh1.