Stockinette stitch / turning row?

I bought a book “Easy Afghans For Knitters.” It’s not that easy when you are just learning! I found an afghan I like, I spent $70.00 on the materials (yarn and circular needles), and I have read the pattern over & over again, but I still don’t understand parts of it.

I read in the back of the afghan book that a stockinette stitch is produced by knitting one row, purling the next when you are using straight needles, but it is produced by knitting every row when you are using circular needles. The afghan pattern specifically calls for circular needles.

The pattern tells you to cast on 286 stitches. Then it says to knit 9 rows. Then it says on the 10th row (turning row), you should do the stockinette stitch for 17 rows.

If the stockinette stitch is produced by knitting every row on circular needles, why doesn’t the pattern simply say knit the first 26 stitches?

And, what is a turning row?!

You are using circular needles, but you’re using them like straights. Knitting every row only results in stockinette if you join and knit in the round. You just need the circs for this afghan because it’s waaaay too many stitches to fit on straight needles. Knitting the first nine rows will result in garter stitch if you don’t start knitting in the round.

I can’t help you with the “turning row” thing though, sorry. :??

I would say the “turning row” meant the row where you start doing the stockinette stitch. Perhaps when you get to that row you are beginning on the back side of the afghan with a purl row instead of starting on the right side with a knit row since you’re going to be doing the garter stitch for the first 9 rows which probably keeps the afghan from curling on the ends. So you will be turning your afghan on the 10th row. Not sure though.

I’ve always read ‘turning row’ as where you would fold for a hem. Are the edges hemmed?