Stockinette Stitch Question

I am working on a hat in stockinette stitch and have discovered that I occasionally get distracted and forget which row I have left off on, knit or purl.

Does any one have any advice about how to figure out if your last row was knit or purl?

Thanks in advance!:muah:

The really easy way is to knit in the round, then it’s all knit!

Otherwise, look at your stitches on the needle. If there is a “bump” of yarn across the base of the stitch, that is a purl, and you will purl it to produce stockinette.
If there is no bump, then it’s a knit, and you knit it to prduce stockinette.

If your not knitting in the round…Say you just did a row and you look at what you just did…if you see what we call purl “bumps” then you just purled a row. If you see all “v”'s then you just knitted the row.