Stockinette stitch looks funky

Hi all! I am a beginner knitter who just joined the forum. So, I am knitting in the round with a stockinette stitch. My yarn is a wool blend, I believe, and quite thick - 9mm needles required. I have been knitting a few stockinette rows and it just doesn’t look right. One small area looks correct - with the little “V’s” showing - but the rest looks like the rows are jutting out. I believe it’s the purl rows that are doing this (image attached). Is this a tension issue? Thanks for your help in advance! =)

It looks like you are doing garter. When you are knitting in the round in stockinette you only need to do knit stitches, you don’t need to purl at all.


Oh wow, I had no clue! That mini area must be where I accidentally knitted 2 rows in a row :sweat_smile: Thank you very much!


This video might be helpful :slight_smile: Sheep & stitch videos are great, helped me no end in the beginning. Start at 6.25.