Stockinette st. problem

I’m having the hardest time going from a knit row to the next (purl) row. I can but it’s so tight and I have to pry the yarn off the needle with my nail to pick it up to knit. This isn’t the first time I’m tried this st. but it is the first time that it’s been so tight. Anyone know why? Thanks ~Brooke

Are you using a yarn that you aren’t used to? Are you just a tight knitter? Are you holding your working yarn wrapped around too many fingers? Are you stressed out or angry at something?

BTW,this is for the weenie warmer.
The yarn is normal,regular worsted wieght. Red Heart.
I’m normally a loose knitter.
My working yarn just dangles off my middle finger.
And I have no anger issue this morning.

It’s not even that the stitches are to tight on the needle it’s like my last row is in the way. Wow this is tough to describe.

Check to see if you’re twisting your stitches. I had the hardest time knitting after a purl row, in my case, because I was doing combined purling and therefore twistingg my stitches. Once I realized that and made sure my stitches were all staright, it was smooth sailing. Amy’s video on picking up dropped stitches should help you see if they’re on there right or not. Good luck!

mascarasnake said:

I was doing combined purling and therefore twisting my stitches.

How were you twisting the stiches? The video didn’t help. Which is surprising b/c Amy’s videos always make me understand. ~Brooke

[color=olive]are pushing your needle all the way through? i find that if i keep my work on the tip of the needle in my right hand instead of pushing it all the way through then pulling it out my sts are tight. BTW… what is a weenie warmer? or should i ask??? :shifty: [/color]

Then check out the thread “pattern i don’t understand” in the how to questions. KellyK is a master of the finer arts. :rofling: :rofling:

Ok I figured it out. I was purling wrong :oops: Backward, putting the yard clockwise around the needle. :oops: Glad I had all day to figure it out.Thanks for your help :thumbsup: ~Brooke

I Said:

I’m having the hardest time going from a knit row to the next (purl) row.

I was going from a purl row to a knit row. And was i guess twisting the sts.

:oops: ~Brooke