Stockinette Seed Diamonds Question: Beginner

Hello all!

I am a beginner knitter and am right now working on getting the different types of patterns down. As in, I have not knit anything other than a scarf.

I have The Complete Photo Guide to Knitting and am using it as a guide, and am currently learning how to knit Stockinette Seed Diamonds. My pattern looks very different than the book’s pattern. I am confused because I have carefully followed each line, making sure to knit and purl correctly and carefully.

I have two questions:

Might it look different because of the type of yarn? I am using Red Heart Super Saver yarn because while I am still learning the basics, I do not really want to invest in good quality yarn. Might this be a bad idea?

Also, when I am switching from knitting to purling in a row, do I always bring the yarn back and forth over the needle?

Like the instructions will say p1, k1, p1. Do they assume that I am bringing the yarn over and back? or will it say yo (yarn over)?

Thank you so much for reading!! I truly enjoy knitting and am hoping that this community can help me share and learn. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, when I am switching from knitting to purling in a row, do I always bring the yarn back and forth over the needle?

This is probably your problem - the yarn is moved [I]between[/I] the needle tips.

If you were to wrap the yarn over the needle on purpose, it would say YO. A yo usually only occurs in a lace or eyelet pattern where it’s generally paired with a decrease.

Oh I should have phrased that better. I do move it between the needles. So I am not sure that is the problem. However, I am thinking that it might be the fact that I somehow keep adding on stitches? It said to cast on a multiple of 12 plus 1. So I cast on 25…now I have 32. Is there something I am doing that might cause that?

I have only been knitting for about 3 months, so I am hoping all these problems will eventually be something that I just learn and figure out over time!

Thank you so much for your help!

You might still be accidentally bringing the yarn over the the needle when you switch from knit to purl or purl to knit. Also check at the beginning of the row - if you have the yarn to the back over the left needle it can pull up the first stitch so its legs look like 2 sts. Or you could be wrapping the yarn around the other end of the needle when you begin a row. Hold the yarn off the side a little bit so you can see the first stitch clearly and get the yarn in the right position to work it.

The RHSS is fine for practice, I even use it for making things. Generally it will show your stitches well so you can actually see the pattern. You are picking up stitches which will throw things off. Be sure you bring the yarn under the needle at the end of the row; it is easy to pick up a stitch at the beginning of the next row if the yarn is over the needle. Sometimes if a stitch is not worked completely and moved off the left needle it will look like you have another stitch to work on the next row. Inadvertent yarn overs are also a problem, be careful of how you move the yarn from front to back and back to front. Click the link, scroll down and find the Seed Stitch aka Moss Stitch video. Amy shows how to move the yarn in the Continental video, I’m sure that’s true for the English one as well.

Thank you for the tips and video link! :slight_smile:

I actually have another question! In my book the abbreviation RS means right side and WS means Wrong Side. What exactly does this mean? The pattern I am working on now says to use RS and I am not sure what exactly that means…


The RS is the public side of the knitted piece. For example, the outside of a sweater as opposed to the private or inside which is worn closest to your body. On some patterns, it’s dificult to tell the RS from the WS and so it helps to put a pin or a marker into the RS early on in the pattern.

So for the pattern I am doing (just making a simple scarf) it says:

Row 1 (RS): K1, *p1, k9, p1, k1, rep from * to end
Row 2: K1, *p1, k1, p7, k1, p1, k1, rep from * to end

Row 1 is the only tow that has RS next to it. Do I change my needles or do anything specific for Row 1?


When this appears in a pattern, it’s just giving you information that when you’re done, the odd rows will be on the RS. In sweater patterns it may mention it because at some point it will say to ‘end with a WS row’ on an instruction and that means you’ll finish the WS row, then switch to something else on the next row, the RS. You don’t work the stitches differently or anything unless it says to switch to different needles or a stitch, but that will be noted.

No, just use whatever needles you’ve decided on for the pattern. It’s just telling you that the odd number rows are all right side rows for this pattern. You can put a safety pin or a loop of yarn through on the RS so that it’s easy to see which is RS and which WS. It may be helpful and may show up later in the pattern.