Stockinette question

Im gonna make a bracelet for someone in stockinete and this is how i want it to be:


ok so this is it only much longer.

|=cast on and cast of
o=eyelets so the person can put a string though so he or she can tie it up
>< stitches

Im gonna do a provisional cast on so i the “v’s” can go one direction first then I’m gonna pick up the stitches so they can go the other way.

but I had a question what do i need to do in this case so the stockinete wont curl?

Will it curl even with the eyelets? And is it necesary to put a border on the side? And if so is there another border except garter stitch? hope the diagram helped and hope you help me! :smiley: :smiley:

well if your eyelets are going to be the clasp essentially i don’t think you have to worry about curling since you will be tieing it there…doesn’t seem like you would anyway. but you will have curling on the sides so you would need some sort of border.

The sides will curl. You can put a seed stitch border if you don’t want garter. The problem is that if you put a border it might make the bracelet wider than you’d like because it should be at least 3 stitches wide. You might want to experiment with an eyelet border. I’m not sure if it will eliminate curling completely, though.

If you don’t want any border, maybe you can do it in the round with dpns? You could put a purl row where the edges are. Might be too thick though, huh?

I wonder if using some beads along the edges would help? :thinking: Maybe you’re not into that at all, but just thought I’d throw the suggestions out there.

Good Idea! But I dont think he will like it :frowning:

how many stitches does it need to be for a border?

To help with the edges curling, the border would have to be at least 3 stitches.