Stockinette problems

I’ve been knitting for 3 years now and wish to advance beyond scarves. My first big project is a sleevless summer sweater hopefully to be done by summer 2006. but my stockinette stitch on that project went wonkie, so I returned to a basic striped stockinette scarf; same problem. My first stitches on the (RS) are high and the last sticthes seem to dip making the project lopsided what am I doing wrong. Itry to keep my tension consistant but it isn’t working. THANKS :??

Hmmmm. And you are knitting on one side and purling on the other, right? And knitting all the way across every row? Can you post a picture of it? I’m having a hard time visualizing what you could be doing to make your stitches do that. The only thing that I can think is that your stitches at the ends of your rows are tighter than those at the beginning. Are you picking up any additional stitches somehow?

Welcome DivaMissV!,
So your tension is tighter on the second half of the row, than the beginning?

I’m picturing you unwinding yarn from the ball at the beginning of the row, so you have slack, but then at the end of the row you keep knitting so that you’re pulling yarn from the ball as you go, and that’s tightening your tension, compared to having it already pulled out of the ball at the beginning. If that’s the case: just be sure you stop to pull out slack from the ball when needed.

Or it might be an issue with how you’re threading yarn in your fingers. If your hands sweat, you probably don’t want to wrap the yarn around any fingers, but just weave through the fingers.