Stockinette or no?

Hey everyone, I’m just about to start my very first project but I had a few questions that I need answered first.

I plan to use this scarf pattern to make a wizard!scarf using circular needles. I haven’t chosen a yarn yet, but I get the feeling that I’ll end up with acrylic.

I’ve been researching for a few days and found this great site which helped me understand things much better. The problem I’m facing is that I keep hearing how stockinette will curl and that blocking is useless on acrylic. If I use this yarn, will my scarf be doomed? And without blocking, will the scarf be able to hold its shape (i.e. not become tubular in the center, away from the closed ends)?

Thanks in advance!

That HP scarf is knit as a tube, so the curling won’t be an issue. It is true that acrylic won’t block, but knitted in the round it won’t matter. One of the suggested yarns (Utopia) is 100% acrylic and another (Encore) is an acrylic/wool blend. Personally, I love Encore!

What kind of acrylic are you going to knit with?

I’m not sure yet. I’m going in to pick out colours/brands tomorrow morning. I don’t really want to go with acrylic, but as it’s my first try, I don’t want to use expensive yarn. I will probably get some wool blend as well for later, however. Any suggestions that I may be able to find at retail location (Michael’s)?

When you start to knit this, the ends will curl up, but don’t worry because you’ll close them in the end.

A blend that you can find at Michael’s is Woolease–a decent yarn, reasonably priced. If they don’t have the colors you want, feel around. Avoid the Pound-o-Yarns, though. You get what you pay for there.