Stockinette on Circular Needle

Is it always the case that knitting in the round in all garter stitches will automatically produce a piece of fabric in stockinette, even without purling a single stitch?

I’ve just done a test swatch in Lion Brand Homespun yarn with all garter stitches, and the result looks just like that…all garter stitches, no resemblance to stockinette whatsoever. This will be fine for the project I’m doing, but I’m curious because I had always heard that circular needles will just magically produce stockinette.

Homespun is a wavy, bumpy textured yarn to begin with, so could that be a factor?

Thanks for any insight!

If youre doing what I tend to do and accidently knit inside-out you’ll see the purl bumps instead of the stockinette V’s. Sounds like that may be what youre doing, although Homespun is pretty bumpy, even in stockinette.

If you scroll to the bottom of this page, you’ll see pictures that show inside out vs right-side out.

FYI. Re: your use of the term ‘garter.’ [B]Garter[/B] is a st pattern made by knitting all rows when worked flat… or alternating a K round with a P round when worked ITR. [B]Stockinette[/B] is another st pattern made by knitting a row and purling a row when worked flat [B]but[/B] when worked ITR you K every round. Here are pics of garter, st st and rev st st. As mentioned by Moxie, you’re possible seeing the back side of your st st (the rev st st) which looks like Ps. Rev st st is [B]not[/B] the same as garter.


Knitting in the round on circular needles (or using another circular method like ML or DPNs) will produce stockinette if you just knit all the stitches. This only happens if it is in the round with the knitting joined (creating a tube of knititng) as you are not turning your work at the end of a row so never have to deal with the reverse of the stitch (the wrong side of the work). Just knitting on circular needles without joining, so turning your work at the end of every row will produce garter stitch.
Just like in flat stockinette you will get the Vs on one side and bumps on the other.

Garter st is just the name for alternating rows that have a knit row and purl row as seen on one side. You do it by knitting every row flat because you work on both sides of the piece. In the round you only work on the RS of the item, so when you knit every round, it produces stockinette.

Using circular needles doesn’t automatically make things in a tube unless you join the work into a circle; you can still knit flat with them.