Stockinette "Ladder" Scarf?

I saw a neat scarf on Knitting Daily. They said the patterns were on the website, but I couldn’t find this one. Here’s what I got from the show. If anyone can help, please jump in.
They used one skein of sock yarn (this I’m sure of), and what looked like about #6 needles??
I think they cast on 39 stitches, cuz they dropped the 8th stitch every time and it looks like they have 5 "rolls."
I guess you just knit stockinette until you run out of yarn.
When they got to the bind-off, on every 8th stitch, they did a cast-on-bind-off in the next 3 stitches, then they dropped the 8th stitch. The purpose was to give the bind-off some stretchiness where the stitch was dropped. Then they “ran” the dropped stitch all the way down the scarf like a run in pantyhose. (I read somewhere that this is called “laddering.”) The resulting scarf was really kewl, with 5 mounds, where the stockinette did its rollup thing, separated by the lacy ladders, caused by the dropped stitches.
On the show, they hadn’t finished the scarf ends, so I’m wondering what would work there.
Does any of this sound familiar to anyone? All advice welcome.

Sounds like this one?

Here’s a couple that are similar:

THANK YOU. It’s not the same scarf, but it is the same pattern and designer, so I’ll be able to get what I need. Now I see why I couldn’t find it. They called this one a “drop stitch wrap” and it’s not the same colors or texture, so none of my keywords worked and I didn’t recognize the image. You are a real detective! :yay: