Stockinette Lace in the Round

Hi, I am working on a top down ragalan (my own design) and I thought it would be nice to add a lace inset below the bust. I was getting borred with knitting in a spriral over and over again.

So, after mucking about with excel until I had a design that I like, I realize that I had been thinking about designing the lace pattern as a stockinette lace with the wrong side rows purled, but, as I now realize, my sweater is knit in the round, so…

How do I knit stockinete lace in the round? Do I just keep knitting the charted rows right after each other and ignore the purl rows? Do I knit one plain round in between charted rows? Is it not possible to knit stockinette lace in the round? I know I should swatch, but it’s midnight.

I’ve attached a pdf with my charted pattern. If anyone notices any glaring errors that will get me in trouble, I’d appreciate a comment on that as well.

As long as the WS rows in a pattern are purled, just knit them. With a chart it’s easier, just read all rows from right to left and it will come out right. For this chart, purled the odd rows as in row 1 and 25, but for R 21 read it from right to left too.

Okay that makes sense. So after row one I will go straight to row 2, then knit one row plain before row 3. I was thinking about it and I realized that otherwise I’m going to have all of the yarn overs on top of eachother.

Row 3 isn’t on the chart. Do row 1, then 2, then knit row 3 plain, follow the chart for row 4, knit row 5 plain, as charted for 6, etc.