Stockinette in the round?

Ok, I’m a brand new knitter (6wks so far) and doing my first project in the round with DPN. I have sock yarn and #2 needles. I was trying to start a pair of socks, but I kept messing up the ribbing, so after ripping back and starting over 3 or 4 times I decided just to do garter stitch. However, I didn’t realize that knitting each row in the round ends up being stockinette! (If I had really thought about it first it makes sense, I just didn’t think about it first) Now I have about 2 inches of well done stockinette. If continue can I end up making a sock completely out of stockinette? or will the curling make it not work? Or could I start ribbing at this point and just have a sock with a curled top? Worst case scenario I will cast off and have a curled bracelet that doubles as a swatch :slight_smile: Thanks so much for any feedback. I need to find some knitting friends around here to bounce ideas off of

Garter stitch is a stitch [I]pattern[/I] not a stitch, just as stockinette is. But since you don’t turn to work on the WS when you work in the round you’re always working on the RS. So to make it look like it does when knitting flat, you have to do the opposite. Knitting every round makes stockinette, alternating a knit round with a purl round makes garter.

How many rounds do you have done? I’ve seen patterns for several things that have a few rounds of stockinette, then ribbing, then stockinette or another stitch pattern. The edge curls over a little and it should be fine in a sock. Do some ribbing and take a look at it see if you like it.

Yep, that’s the beauty of knitting in the round…no purling except for decorative stitches, etc. :wink:

Most socks are stockinette based. You’ll often see a design, lace, etc on the top of the sock, but the bottom is usually stockinette to make it more comfortable.

You can do the whole sock that way, but you will probably get some curling at the top. If you are having trouble ribbing you can do say half a dozen rows of garter (knit a row, purl a row) to keep it from curling and then continue with stockinette.

I’m thinking if you start ribbing now, you’ll have a ruffle top sock. You could just plan ruffle top socks.

I think she was having trouble ribbing in general. It wouldn’t ruffle though it will roll. I think to get a ruffle you’d have to have had more stitches then decrease for the ribbing.