Stockinette Facing the Wrong Way?

So, I’m knitting a hat and what I currently have has the bumpy part of the stockinette facing outwards when the pictures on the site show the smooth, linked side facing outwards (best way I can describe it). Now, could I just finish it and turn it inside-out once I’m done? Or will that make the project look weird?

Yep, flip it inside out. What happened was that you knit it with the needles on the far side of the tube or inside out. That happens sometimes, you can change it whilen you’re knitting so the working needles are closest to you and the tube further away.

You may be knitting along on the inside of the hat instead of on the outside. The needle points should be held closest to you with the circle of sts looping away on your lap rather than vice versa. You can flip the hat now. Any uneveness in the sts will work out with wear and washing.

Ah, okay! Thank you both!