Stockinette edging

i found a scarf this weekend that i would like to duplicate. my question is…the body is done in stockinette, with a few inches of ribbing on either end. will the sides of the scarf roll up without edging, the way that the ends would without edging or ribbing?

is there a good way to make the edges more substantial than just the plain stockinette? the scarf that i saw seemed to be a little heavier on the sides than just normal stockinette.

also, it was made with a yarn that was 55% cashmere and 45% wool. any suggestions on a good yarn of that blend?

thanks for any help.

Yes, the edges will roll if you don’t put some kind of garter or seed stitch at the edges. I personally like the look of seed stitch at the edges of a scarf–substantial, doesn’t roll, and looks pretty.

As for the yarn, the nice thing about scarves is that you really can choose whatever yarn you like.

thanks for the help. the scarf that i saw had stockinette stitches on the back and front on the sides. any ideas on how to accomplish that? i’ve never seen it, but i’m a bit of a beginner.

You said the sides seemed a little different, but I’m taking it that they looked like normal stockinette? :think: I wonder if they might have run some of the end border ribbing all along the sides. That may keep it from curling too. Ribbing is a non-curling stitch, but it can look pretty much like stockinette because the purls sort of recede into the cracks and all that you see are the knits. I have never tried doing ribbing up the side of a scarf and I’m not 100% sure it would stop the curling, but I think I would try a very narrow trial “scarf” with any ole yarn and see if it does. Merigold :eyes:

You could double knitthe scarf that would give you st st on both sides but I’d think you would still want an edging… you could knit 2 and then seam together… you may be able to knit a tube and the seam the bottom and top edges… :shrug:

Or you could fold the edges over for a hem at the edge? Make a line of purl stitches where you want to fold it and then seam it up.

I suspect that maybe the edges were double knit–if it was a store scarf, then the machines can do things we can’t.

Wow, thanks for all of the suggestions. i’ll get to work on it right away.