I am working on a hat and in the pattern it says change to stockinette and decrease (K2tog) every 10th or 11th stich on every knit row until there are 44 stitches on the needle…

When I knit the two together in the knit row and then purl back, do I treat those two stiches as one to purl?

Hope this makes sense! :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if I understand, but there will only be one loop from those two that you decreased on your needle so those two turned into one that you will purl.

When you decrease, you make two stitches into one, so there will only be one loop to purl into. The answer to your question would then be that Yes, you treat it as one stitch, because there is only one stitch there to purl!

Ok, thanks. I’m very new at this and still trying to figure out what stitch is what! I guess maybe I should be making a scarf, but I’m having so much fun with this little hat!!

I love this site!

Some people never start with scarves. I didn’t make any until a couple years ago and I learned to knit back in the dark ages before the internet.

Thanks Suzeeq,

How did you learn how to knit?

Also, Is there a way to have replies to my post sent directly to my email, or do I just have to keep checking back?

yolanda marie

I taught myself when I was 14 and kept it up a liitle for about 25 years, then didn’t except for a couple items for the next 15 or so. I took it up again about 3 years ago and have learned a lot from web boards.

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