Stockinette curling at collar of baby sweater

Okay, I have sort of a strange dilemma. :wall:

I knitting a baby sweater (the Orphans for Orphans Sweater from the book [I]Knitting for Peace[/I]) that consists of a front and back panel that one knits in stockinette. You pick up the side/sleeves and knit out horizontally. You then sew the sleeves together. No problem with any of this.

My problem is with the collar. You’re supposed to crochet (sc) a row and reverse single crochet a row around the neck. I did the first row and the stockette front and back panels are STILL curling like mad–which looks awful.

Should I a) perhaps crochet the sc stitches from the INSIDE of the sweater rather than from the outside? Or, b) should I just give up and do a ribbing pattern or some garter stitch rows instead?

what type of yarn are you using? if it has an animal fiber content then blocking may help, or you could try widening the border a little.

For anyone who wants to help, this is also a free pattern.

I made one of these, but it was a while ago so I don’t remember the neck edge or having any problems. I think I just did a single crochet and let it go at that since I don’t know how to do reverse single crochet.

I do remember that the front panel edges weren’t laying flat like I’d like, but I figured it would be fine once it was worn and didn’t worry about it.

I looked at the projects on Ravelry and it looks like people did all sorts of things including doing ribbing! Just make it very loose if you do so they can get it over the head.

The row of reverse sc may be all you need, it makes a pretty solid edge.