Stockinette cloth...with seed stitch border, a la Judy

It’s on her YouTube channel “knittingtipsbyjudy”.

This is the 2nd one. Lol

I tried to find the video you referenced but couldn’t and then forgot to come back and ask you about it. That looks good and very useful.

Oh, nicely done and in beautiful colors! Which yarn are you using?

It’s cotton (very soft.) I have a 1 pound bag of it from a chain called Zellers in Canada. They had a bin of 1 pound bags o’ yarn.

Hey look, I posted about the bags o yarn 3 years ago!

My mom still lives up there and enables me buy grabbing a bag o cotton sometimes though Zellers is pretty much toast now. :frowning:

Darnit. I tried to copy/paste it. Let me poke around…

That is a really nice cloth! I like the simplicity of the pattern combined with that yarn colorway! :thumbsup:

I have #3 ont. Lol

You were wise to get a big buy like that from Zellers before they went belly-up. Ours is being replaced with Target…hope i like that as much, but sadly, it’s not Canadian. It’s nice to support one’s own country…but it seems that eventually, there only will be one country in the world anyways…do ya think?


Target sucks for crafts. I live near one. I miss Zellers so so much!

There’s a Target near me but I rarely go in there. They don’t carry yarn or needles or anything like that. I’m sorry you’re getting stuck with Target instead of Zellers. I may have been in a Zellers once, I’m not sure. It was a huge store with just about everything. Maybe the Target you get will be better than the one near me. I hope so.

Hey, it looks great and great colors too!


Where else could you buy a bicycle, a tv, crock pot, vacuum, a watch, clothes, linens, food and needlework supplies all in the same store? :thumbsup:

That sounds like WalMart. Fred Meyer, too. Throw in some garden plants and tools while you’re at it. If you need tires or an oil change, skip FM and go straight to WM. :stuck_out_tongue: