Stock up on winter items now

I went into my local Family Dollar store the other day. All winter gloves and hats were 60% off. Then I remembered. Oh, yah. They start clearing out winter items (even though we need them until April) and bring out the swim suits in January. How dumb! So if you need a new pair of boots or something, better get it now. This is one of the reasons I knit and crochet. I can make it any time I want to. I don’t have to be a slave to the fashion world’s schedule.

Yup! We “stock up” on yarn, and then we spend the rest of winter indulging our fascination with string (and not bikinis, either)!

In spite of all the marketing hoopla, I want to work on winter stuff in winter and summer stuff in summer. I bet a lot of knitters/crocheters feel the same way!

I just got back from shopping. I wanted Epsom salt and man can they hide stuff like that! I actually bought a coat, now it will be marked down a lot and I’ll probably see if I can get them to give me the difference. Either that, or if they still have it in my size, I’ll return this one and buy it again.

I’m wanting to stock up on something else, useful links and info for knitting. Do you remember the links you’ve posted in the past about proportions and measurements for gloves and mittens and I think hats? Yours were some of the best I’ve come across and I can’t find them again. Would you please pretty please consider posting them again?

How’s the grandbaby? Are you still spoiling her? I hope so.

I found an old post of mine for mittens and pasted it on your helpful hints blog. Oh, she’s getting spoiled all over the place. She’s got new uncles, a grandpa, step grandma, and a great grandma spoiling her now as well as me. The kid really got a haul at Christmas.

Good. :thumbsup: That’s what babies are for!
I saw your post to the blog thread. Thank you so very much. Now I will be able to find it again.